Express Talk – Free Softphone

Express Talk è un Softphone per protocolli Sip.
Funziona con la maggioranza dei Provider Voip sip.

Le chiamate con altri utenti Pc-to-Pc sono free
E’ possibile mettere in attesa una chiamata e farne un chiamata
su un’ altra linea usando fino a 6 linee su un unico telefono.

E’ completamente gratuito nella versione Basic,
ma esite anche la versione Business edition

Tutte le caratteristiche elencate le trovate anche sul sito:


  • Lets you make internet phone calls free direct PC to PC, or PC to phone via a VoIP SIP gateway provider. More information on VoIP here
  • Supports up to 6 lines on the one phone with the ability to put calls on hold.
  • Works with a headset or in speakerphone mode with just a standard microphone and set of speakers.
  • Includes data compression (GSM, uLaw, ALaw, PCM and G726), echo cancellation, noise reduction, comfort noise and more.
  • Uses the standard SIP protocol so it can link to a broad range of telephone gateways, SIP systems or other internet phone software. Click here for a list of SIP service providers.
  • Can be configured to work behind NATs and Firewalls.
  • Supports caller ID display and logging.
  • Includes a phone book with quick dial.
  • Supports call transfer (Business Edition).
  • Lets you record phone calls to wav (Business Edition).
  • Allows up to 6 people to join one call using the Call conferencing feature (Business Edition).
  • Allows for quicker and easier communication using the Push to talk intercom (Business Edition).
  • Includes Do not disturb button (Business Edition).
  • Also features more advanced line configuration options with the Express Talk Business Edition softphone.
  • Works with our VoIP Virtual PBx to create a LAN based PBx for offices or call centers.
  • Used in conjunction with the VRS Call Recording Software, this softphone can record and save phone calls to MP3, wav and more.
  • Plays on-hold music to callers on hold. Can also link to the IMS On-Hold Messages Player Software to create professional mixes of music and messages on the fly.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
  • Pentium 500MHz or above with at least 32MB RAM (128MB for 2000/XP/2003/Vista).
  • A sound device that supports full-duplex audio (most modern computers do)
  • One of the following:
    • A headset with an in-built mic (to purchase click buy computer headsets).
    • A microphone and a set of speakers (the microphone can be built into the computer).
    • A USB phone (phone which plugs into the USB Port) (to purchase click buy usb phones).
  • Broadband connection strongly preferred (56k dial-up connection can be used, but performance is not guaranteed) **
  • (Optional) A VoIP service provider

** for slow dial-up connections the software OfficeIntercom is more suitable.

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